How can I convince my parents to let me paint my room?

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Two walls opposite each other are hot pink, which I like. But my dad decided to ONLY paint two walls two or three years ago and left the other two a pale yellow, which is disgusting. Now my room looks like a circus. I was hoping I could paint my whole room a lavender, or painting three walls a light pink and leaving one wall hot pink like an accent wall. My dad says that it’s too much work and time, but I could help and pay for the paint or a professional painter, I have enough money. Any suggestions? Thanks!


  1. allia says:

    when ur dads not home paint the room and do it ur self.

  2. saaanen says:

    Yes. Wait until you’re an adult and have your own place. Then you can paint however you want Until then, parents rule.

  3. runninggirl1234 says:

    I have a friend whose room was yellow aswell and her dad painted one wall black before he divorced her mum, so the room was never finished and it looked like a bee. 3 years later I went to b&m home with her and her older sister. She had been recently nagging me about her room and her boyfriend had never seen it in the 6 months they had been dating. We went to b&m and everything was really cheap. She bought some black paint.
    When we arrived back at her house her boyfriend was there and I managed to convince her to tell him about her room. That night they set to work and it took them about 2 and a half hours but it was finished and it didn’t even look that bad.
    Her mum hadn’t let her do her room before and she also said that it was to much time and work but my friend said that she would do it and buy some cheap paint. Her mum came through and she bought a new bed set, curtains, rug, painting, paint, a cushion and a decorative flower for around £60 which is really good.
    Hope this helps :)

  4. Anoynimious says:

    It depends on how badly you wanted painted.

    Look up how much paint it would cost to paint the room. Supplies that you will need will be stuff like tape, or an edger, a roller, and an edging brush, along with both primer and regular paint.

    You can also go even a step further and show interest in actually helping with the painting of your room and look up how to edge (its called cutting in) trim, how to cover hot pink paint, etc.

    Basically show interest, show that you want to contribute, and help. Do a trade off of sorts, like offer to do the yard, or do other’s yards and babysit for a fee, etc. Parents are more likely willing to do what you want them to do if you show that you have the ability to help, and willing to accept the responsibility for it as well.

  5. Cat Alina says:

    It’s not hard to paint a room and will only take about $20 worth of paint. I was painting walls when I was twelve. Watch some youtube videos and tell your dad you will do the work and buy the paint and you have had some online lessons. I don’t see what harm you could do – it’s only paint!!!

  6. Agnes Cotley says:

    Paint the walls while your dad is not home.. XD

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